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Monday, April 30, 2012

Movin' and Groovin' Bounces

Baby M is a big fan of bounces... as anyone who's held him can attest to. As soon as I get him up in the morning, he starts bouncing in my arms.

As babies get more core and neck strength, they enjoy putting it to good use by being appropriately tossed around in rhythmic bounces and songs. Please adhere to the word "appropriately." My dad also likes to bounce his grandkids... but sometimes is a little too rough, and his bouncing has the opposite affect... He's getting better though. :-)

These bounces are some of my little jumping-bean's favorites....

1. The Old Woman's Pies 
There was an old woman 
as I have heard tell, 
she went to sell pies, 
but her pies did not sell. 
She hurried back home 
but her step was too high, 
so she stumbled and fell, 
and the birds ate her pies! 

First two lines, just bounce baby to the rhythm of the chanted words (or to a melody of your own making) as you go.
On "she hurried back home," - move babies arms quickly as if running (or bounce faster)
On "but her step was too high" - lift or gently toss baby up on the word "high"
On "so she stumbled and fell" - on "fell" drop baby a few inches or so either from your arm or through legs.
On "and the birds ate her pies" - tickle babies sides like little birdies poking at a pie.

2.  Triddety Trot 

Triddety trot to market, 
to buy a sweet green pear, 
Triddety trot and home again, 
and throw him(her) up in the air. 

Triddety trot to market, 
to buy a loaf of bread, 
Triddety trot and home again 
and throw him(her) in bed! 

Bounce baby to the rhythm of the first three lines, as if trotting on a horse.
On "throw him up in the air!" Toss baby a few inches or so up in the air or lift baby high from one knee to the other.
On "throw him in bed!"- with baby in your arms, pretend to "throw" baby by doing a throwing motion... of course, never losing your safe hold on your little pumpkin.

3. Bouncing Up and Down 
Bouncing up and down in a little red wagon,
Bouncing up and down in a little red wagon,
Bouncing up and down in a little red wagon,
Won't you be my darling? 

One wheel's off and the axel's draggin... (2 more times)
Won't you be my darlin? 

Other wheel's off and the axel's draggin... (2 more times)
Won't you be my darlin? 

Back wheels off and we all fall out,  (2 more times)
Won't you be my darlin? 

This one is best if sung. It's to the tune of "The Paw Paw Patch." (where, oh where is pretty little Susie?... If you don't know the melody go to this link and click on "Listen to the Song"). All my kids love this one... when they hear me doing this with baby M, the other two come running for their turn too.

You can certainly use your imagination for how to make this as fun and silly as possible, but here are some suggestions to get your thoughts going -

With baby/child sitting in your lap:
1st verse - Bounce child as if riding in a bumpy wagon (not necessarily neat and tidy).
2nd verse - Move child to one knee and lean him/her over so they're tilted outward on your knee.
3rd verse - Move child to other knee and do the same thing.
4th verse - Drop child between legs on the word "out" for each line (still keeping hold of them, of course...).

Well, that should be good enough. Don't be afraid to toss your little sweetheart around a bit - don't worry they'll let you know if they don't like it... and they'll also definitely let you know if they DO like it.
Get going and go play with your baby! :-)

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  1. I haven't heard any of these before but I love the actions involved with them - popping over from the I can teach my child saturday linky