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Monday, April 9, 2012

Climbing Up and Sliding Down

There are any number of times when I'm sitting waiting.... waiting..... with baby M.
At the pediatrician's.... at a family member's house..... while he's supposed to be sleeping..... etc, etc....

Any baby chants are good for having a fun little tete a tete while killing time... And, these below involve using your fingers to "climb" and "slide" on your little precious baby. These will be enjoyed by most toddlers out there too.... :-)

Rhymes with these tapping motions are fun games to involve your child in while also incorporating his or her ability to feel a beat or pulse. The happiness and giggles for all involved make these a win-win. :-)

The first, a very well known nursery rhyme and oh-so-fun:

1. Hickory, Dickory Dock
Hickory, Dickory Dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one
and down he run,
Hickory, Dickory, Dock.

1st 2 lines: "walk" or "run" two fingers up from baby's foot to head.
"The clock struck one" - tap baby's head or nose once.
"and down he run.." run fingers back down to toes.

 2. Climb Up the Ladder
Climb up the ladder,
hurry to the slide!
Sit at the top
and down you slide!

Walk 2 fingers up baby's legs and tummy, fingers start to run on "hurry to the slide."
"Sit at the top" - Land on baby's shoulder.
On last line, "slide" fingers down baby's arm.

3. Johnny, Johnny, Whoops!
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Whoops!
Johnny, Johnny, Whoops!
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Whoops!

Get baby's little hand in your hand, and starting with baby's pinky, use your pointer finger to tap on the top of each finger, until you get to the Whoops! where "Johnny" (your finger) slides down and then is back up and tapping again until the next Whoops! - which can happen wherever, of course. There's no need to follow the above text to a "t" or anything.
When you do the Whoops! do it in a higher pitched voice.... usually makes for more giggles. :-)
I still remember seeing elementary-aged kids doing this to each other, so there must be something exciting about it that extends past baby-hood. :-)

Have fun getting those babies giggling! Here's a giggling baby M for your entertainment:

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