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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snack&Song - "Five Cream Buns"

Around here, we love snack time.... So, why not pair it with a little counting song?
This is a simple song to the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

Five Cream Buns
Five cream buns in teddy's shop,
teddy's shop, teddy's shop.
Five cream buns in teddy's shop,
round with a cherry on top.

Along came "______" (child's name) one fine day,
one fine day, one fine day.
Along came "______" one fine day,
and took one bun away.

Four cream buns in teddy's shop....
Three cream buns in teddy's shop....
Two cream buns in teddy's shop....
One cream bun in teddy's shop....

 To make a simple "cream bun," you can do whatever you feel inspired to do, but these are the materials I used for ours:

Vanilla wafers, French vanilla yogurt (for the cream), pink jelly beans for the cherries... and a teddy bear!
You could use any round, sweet-bread-like item for the buns, pudding for the cream, and anything red-ish if you don't have real cherries.

AND - you get bonus points if you make a real "shop" for teddy out of a box.  The points are very valuable... you can earn a..... a..... hmm..... well, you can just be happy with yourself.

So, first, around snack time I made the simple cream buns:
 Five cookies with a bit of yogurt.

Then, top each with another cookie, and a little more "cream" to hold the "cherry" on.

The boys were very excited already about a special snack... since most of the time, it's just goldfish for snack. :-)

First, we got familiar with the song by singing it through once. Then we used our fingers to count down as each boy got one bun at a time.

J had some trouble getting the right amount of fingers... he looked cute trying to figure it out though...

Getting close to the end....

And, mommy got the last one, in case you were wondering. :-)
Then, we get to eat our yummy snack. Fun times.

We'll probably try this again next week and maybe the week after.... I'm hoping they can go through it by themselves while I eat all the cream buns watch in loving admiration.


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