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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

I don't know what you're doing on this lovely weekend, but we're talking about Easter - and for us that means more than just eggs, chocolate bunnies and peeps; it means most significantly that we learn about and celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection - and the amazing grace that is offered to us all as a result.

K and J are just coming around with understanding these types of things, which is fun because K is asking more serious questions and J is learning the basic ideas of the story.

So, today we made a paper "stained-glass"cross for talking about Good Friday (or Holy Friday).
We used some colors of Easter. Those being,

Purple - Jesus is King, and the robe he wore upon being mocked was purple
Red - Jesus' blood that was shed
White - Jesus' sacrifice washes away our sins, and the color of the angel's garment at the empty tomb
Yellow - for the sun that dawned on that Resurrection morning when the women went to the tomb.
Green - New life in Jesus

We added this song that incorporated some of our Easter colors - to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me"
They were antsy to get outside after the craft, so we sang it while they were getting dressed, and I'll reincorporate it as we go throughout the day... (Again, no fancy song or "official" music time needed, but music throughout the day helps get these little tunes and their message into our kiddos' heads.)

"Red means Jesus died for me,
White says I am clean like He,
Purple was the robe which He had worn,
Yellow shone the sun that Easter morn.

Thank you God for Easter, Thank you God for Easter,
Thank you God for Easter, When Jesus rose again."

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