"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without." ~Confucius

Monday, June 18, 2012

Make-It-a-Song Monday: Good Morning Songs!

Imagine.... It's a beautiful day.... you got a great night's sleep.... the birds are chirping... the children are skipping around the house with laughter... the coffee is perfect.... Ahh....

OK, fine - that's not a typical morning around here, but we DID have a pretty good morning today.... even though the bird chirping was a little too early and too close to my window, and the boys were happily 'snipping' (their word) each other with kitchen tongs, not skipping... but the coffee was good!

If the morning is going great or not-so-great, singing helps! Hence my recommendation to have a "good morning" song/s! They're not just for preschool classes, people.

You may have one from childhood you remember... I do. I can't remember it at the moment, though...

I CAN remember one from grad. school, from my sight-singing class. We had this very nice but slightly  silly professor, who, when anyone came in late would immediately go to the piano and start banging out some chords, and the whole class would sing, "Good morning, bright sunshine, we're gad you are here! You make the world happy we're glad you are here" to the late person, who would then have to describe (in the same melody) why he/she was late. Oh the memories....

Anyway - Having a morning song is one way to get your kiddo's spirits up in the morning and get them thinking in melody throughout the day!

Choose one you're familiar with, do an internet/YouTube search for some ideas (just be careful... there's some surefire cheesiness out there that is not good for ANY morning!), or make up your own.

Today we were singing a little song with these lyrics and a pretty simple melody we had in our heads:

Good morning, good morning,
I hope you're feeling fine.
Good morning, good morning,
to all the *boys here who are mine.

*or kids, or girls, or family, etc.

Another one is the good 'ole popular song with the following Bible verse:

"This is the Day" 
This is the day (echo: This is the day)
That the Lord has made (that the Lord has made)
We will rejoice (We will rejoice)
And be glad in it (and be glad in it)

Having an echoing song is great because children naturally want to echo it after you once they get the hang of the melody, which makes it more likely that they'll sing with you!

If you want one put to a melody you know, this one fits with the tune "There's a Hole in the Bucket."
(If you need a reminder for this melody, go Here!)

Good morning, dear *baby, dear baby
Good morning, dear baby, dear baby, Good day!
I'm so happy to see you, to see you,
I'm so happy to see you, to see you, today!

*insert child's name. 

Or, to "Farmer In the Dell"

It's time to start the day,
get up out of the hay,
the sun is out, so let's get up,
It's time to start the day

Sing your favorite morning song while getting the kids up, while getting them dressed, while making breakfast, whatever! They'll catch on quick!

Do you have a "morning song" to start the day off?
If not, find one and get it in your household repertoire!

What did you make into a song today?

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  1. I totally need to sing more. I did all the time when I was teaching! I make up so many songs. But one that I do is from an old musical "Good morning (3x) it's time to rise and shine , Good Morning (3x) I hope you're feeling fine. Good morning get up get out of bed, get out of bed you sleepy head the day is going right for you and all your dreams are coming true."