"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without." ~Confucius

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I "heart" Pandora

There are a lot of wonderful things about modern technology... and pandora.com is one of them.
This week has been busy and intermingled with sickness, so our days are not as structured as I would like... but, never fear! I can still increase my child's musical understanding thanks to places like pandora!

Who doesn't use pandora? Anyone? It's been around for years now, but if you haven't used it yet - go try it.
You type in a genre or composer and then it crafts a radio station based on that type. And, it just keeps playing (there are a few advertisements along the way but they're not bad at all).

How can you use this mighty little tool to influence your kiddos musical minds?
Try creating stations that are different than the music you typically play for them, or music that will open up their palette to new and wonderful sounds.

My recommendation today? The Johann Sebastian Bach station.
Now, we are self-proclaimed classical music nerds here.... but that's certainly not ALL we listen to. But, we LOVE classical music and even though this love does not always come naturally for most kids, introducing it to them little bits at a time opens their minds up to the sheer beauty of music in ways that are not afforded by our catchy, pop culture.

So, while your kids are playing and you are folding laundry or working on a project, try out a classical station on pandora. Even if you they protest with "this is boring" (gasp!), it is SO IMPORTANT to put great things before our children's eyes and ears to allow them to experience wonderful gifts like incredible music that has lasted for hundreds of years.

(And... for those of you thinking about piano, etc. lessons in the future, it will help them to love that experience more if you have already whetted their appetite for that genre!)

Other suggestions:

  • Type in a favorite Classical piece of yours into pandora - one from your own childhood or current likes - just stay away from tricky things like.... John Cage at this early time (or anytime... just kidding... sort of...) 
  •  Try something fun like bluegrass, Natalie MacMaster, Celtic Fiddle Festival, Salsa Clave, etc.. 
Have fun! 

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  1. Once when I was at my local knitting store, I noticed that they were playing what sounded like popular Mexican music- not what I expected! When I asked about it, the ladies said "Oh yeah! Listening to new music is very good for your brain!" So, I try to have random Pandora stations, like soul. I'd like a world music station, but I can't figure out how to make one.