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Monday, December 10, 2012

Classical Music Album Recommendations

Several people have asked what "Classical" albums they could pick up to get that music going in the home. So, if you're not having a soiree of musicians coming to jam at your house each night, this is probably a good idea!

Here are a few suggestions for a traditional, classical mix that combine some of the most well-known and well-loved pieces. These are not your "classical music for relaxation" types.... there is a mix of different speeds, volumes, time periods, etc.

Just fyi... don't underestimate the value of playing classical music around the home, school, etc. I would never have fallen in love with classical music if my dear mother had not bought that cheesy "Sounds of the Oboe" CD (thanks Mom!) which had on it the Largo from the "New World Symphony"  (Dvorak) and the opening to Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" - both of which were a level of beauty that I had not heard before - and when I did, there was no looking back!
Now, calm your fears, your child will probably not turn into a music nerd like me; but a quote that my husband relishes is, "the tide raises all ships." The higher the quality of music you expose your family/classroom to, the higher their appreciation and understanding will go too.

So, in no particular order are three picks you can add to your Amazon, etc. list for yourself, or add them to your gift requests for those family members who have been asking!

1. The Greatest Classical Masterpieces! - London Philharmonic (Create Space) 
Aside from the silly exclamation point on this title, it's a great assortment by a well-respected orchestra.

2. The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music  - Performer: London Philharmonic Orchestra (X5 Music Group)
This is a vast collection by, again, a great orchestra. You probably won't need another after this one! :-)

3. 25 Classical Favorites - various ensembles (Vox Classical)
This is a great collection - lots of diversity and excellent choices!

Hope that helps some of you out there!
These are a few of many to choose from - feel free to browse around yourself!

Do you have a favorite piece from childhood, etc.?

And..... Just for fun:
Check out some classic Bugs Bunny.

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