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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Favorite "12 Days of Christmas" Books

The boys are into counting nowadays... so this carol has been one of their favorites recently. So, I decided to check out a few different "Twelve Days of Christmas" books - some traditional, some not as traditional.

Honestly, though... this is the carol that I least like to sing because of its never-ending, overly-repeating, lasting-forever nature.... But, it was also one of my favorites as a child, and seems to appeal to my kiddos currently as well. They love things that repeat, come and go in sequence, and are creatively done - and this carol fits to a "tee."

So, check out what options your library has available, then muster up the courage to sing through this long carol as you go through the book! Have your kids sing along and "help" you with the numbers and counting.

Here are a few we like:

"The Twelve Days of Christmas" - Laurel Long 

This is a beautifully illustrated book with the traditional lyrics - I personally love the artwork. My boys have yet to share in my level of appreciation.... but the pictures are all very descriptive and engaging.

"Twelve Days of a Muppet Christmas (And a Chicken In a Pine Tree)" -  Martha T. Ottersley

Oh my word. Classic Muppets silliness. And, my children love silliness. All that you would expect from the Muppets!

"The Twelve Days of Christmas Dogs" - Carolyn Conahan

This is adorable - many breeds are represented throughout and the illustrations are very charming. :-)

"The Twelve Days of Christmas Candy" - Olivia Morris
This book is very simply illustrated and is about an elf who receives all sorts of candy from his dear Daddy Elf throughout the verses of the song. This combines 2 things my boys love - counting and candy! :-)

"A Pirate's Twelve Days of Christmas" - Philip Yates

This story details a lonely cabin boy aboard a pirate ship who thinks he's being abandoned at Christmas, only to receive 12 "days" of gifts from those thoughtful pirates he plunders with (you didn't know pirates were so kind-hearted, did you?). The illustrations are lovely and very creative.

So, hopefully you can grab one of those and teach this classic carol to your own little munchkins - by whatever means they'd enjoy!

Have fun!

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