"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without." ~Confucius

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Festive Shaker / Drums!

It's such a great time with little kids and Christmas. I never knew it would be so fun! The kids just naturally LOVE Christmas and everything about it.
Since all our boys like to make music and, often, be loud about it, we made some Christmas-themed shakers to accompany their festive mood and silly carol singing. These certainly don't need to be Christmasy, but ours are (sort of.... you'll see....)

So, if you need a project to set your little one/s on while you bake those cookies, this may be it!

A tin can, rubber band, helium-sized balloon, items to put in can (like beans, pasta, rice, etc... we used jingle bells), paint, Mod Podge, and whatever else you'd like to incorporate.

1. Gather kiddos and have them paint their can in festive colors.
 You may need to come help once or twice....
These didn't turn out quite as lovely as I thought they would. Another idea that might be fun is to cut up some wrapping paper and glue that all around the can, then Mod Podge it. Maybe next year..

The boys thought they were masterpieces though, and excitedly put their jingle bells in the can when the painting was done.

Next, the supervising adult (with or without cookie dough on your fingers), should cut the head of the balloon. Make sure you cut it so that it is a semi-circle, and not still tapered at the end.
The supervising adult should next stretch the semi-circle of that recently-cut balloon across the open end of the can, stretching it taut and affix it on the side of the can by wrapping the rubber band around twice or however many times it will go.

The boys wanted to put some ribbon around them too. 
After they're dry, shake and enjoy!! Be careful - if you use the jingle bells like I did, they are LOUD! If you have an exuberant child like I do, you may wish you had used something a bit softer. :-) 
I Mod-Podged after they went to their naps so the paint didn't peel off and the surface was smoother. 

and off he goes!

It can be a shaker or a drum! Use hands or drum sticks. You could even scrape the sides with a stick too and use it as a guiro. 

Baby M liked it too. :-) 

Enjoy all the music making around this time of year and be sure your kids get in on it! 


  1. Love it! Grandma H.

  2. Love this idea. We've made shakers with paper plates and rice, but I love the idea of the tin cans...and that they can be used as other instruments besides a shaker. My boys would love these. Thanks for the inspiration.