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Friday, June 15, 2012

Ode to Sandra Boynton

I love Sandra Boynton. I haven't met her, of course.... but I'd like to... what would our chat be like, I wonder...? I imagine she'd keep me or anyone laughing most of the time.

I love the silliness of her books (hilarious, really) with the way they rhyme and flow, the snuggly affection and all the tie-ins she has to fun melodies. So fun.

So, to honor the lady whom I have never met, but whose books we love, I put together a small, very humble, Ode to Sandra Boynton... I hope you all enjoy.

(To the tune/chorus of "Jingle Bells") 

Horns to Toes, pajama-dee-bop, run
up to exercise. 
Oh My, Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!
Where is my Bee-Bo? 

Philly Chicks on I-95, 
Moo, Baa, La, La, La!
Blue Hat, Green Hat, Pookie too, 
Ten dogs and one cat (MRROW!!)

With a ba and a moo
and a cockle-doodle-doo, 
Hippos Go Berserk!
Gitchy Goo,  it's Tickle Time! 
I love my Snuggle Puppy too! 

A Penguin who belongs to me, 
14 pets named "Bob"
Hey, Wake Up! a turkey's tripping, 
No, not the hippopotamus! 

If you knew every reference in there, you're a fan too!
Check out a few more of her books, which I think are written as much for the kids as they are for the adults who read them! :-)

What's your kids' favorite Boynton book (or yours)?


  1. We love Snuggle Puppy and the Belly Button Book. Do you have any of the CD's? We have Philadelphia Chickens and it is great for the car! I wish they would make it into a Broadway show. :)

  2. We love Snuggle Puppy too! And, isn't it terrible - I have NOT listened to Phila. Chickens yet, but it's currently on hold for me at the library and I'm anxious to go pick it up! :-)