"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without." ~Confucius

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ball Rolling and Bouncing

Anyone who knows us knows that my children have a natural obsession with anything that bounces, rolls or is thrown... Little baby M is falling right into that mold too! Amazing... the hubs and I are both music nerds... what do we get? Little jocks. :-)

So, this reminded me of a few ball-themed-songs for your little ones' enjoyment while playing with a ball.

Oh! Also - one of my favorite blogs is doing a series called "30 for 30" focused on playing with your kids; not just giving them things to play with, but actually engaging with them. I think it's a great challenge for us all not to get bogged down in "doing" too many things while we miss out on actually playing with our kids. Mine especially love us being involved with them, not just passing one toy after another at them. You can check out her series; click: HERE!

OK, some simple ball songs!

Bounce High, Bounce Low

Bounce High, Bounce Low,
Bounce the Ball to Shiloh!
Bounce High, Bounce Low,
Bounce the ball right by-oh!

This one is great while bouncing a ball to your little one (duh!).

Roll The Ball

I roll the ball to "baby"
she rolls it back to me,
I roll the ball to "baby"
she rolls it back to me,
Roll the ball, roll the ball,
I roll the ball to "baby" she rolls it back to me.

Insert your child's name for "baby." You may be surprised how early you baby starts rolling a ball back to you when you do so to him/her!

Roll, Catch!
Roll, catch, roll, catch,
Bounce, Bounce the ball.
Roll, catch, roll, catch
Bounce, Bounce the ball.

Do this one slow enough to do each motion - or fast enough if doing it with a giggly toddler. :-)

Here are the tunes:

Have fun playing with your baby and his or her favorite ball!


  1. Love the post...and your blog! I think music is so important for the little ones...my 18-month-old twin boys love their weekly music class right now. Happy to be a new follower to get some additional inspiration! Found your post through "I Can Teach my Child" link-up.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Holli @ www.fullhandsfullheartblog.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for stopping by; it's great to have you along! :-)