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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter: Simple and Meaningful Activities

We are looking forward to a glorious (and chilly) Easter Day celebrating with family and friends. As the boys get excited for all the child-focused aspects of Easter (Egg hunts, candy, gifts, etc...), it is once again important to "lead from the front" about what makes Easter so special. Adorable animals like bunnies and chicks are all created things... but we get to celebrate the Un-created One who loved us enough to come to the earth He made and give His life as a ransom for many. Very cool.

During their reading time this week, I have been reading through the Easter story with them and today we learned this very simple song to the tune of "God Is So Good" (melody:go here.)

He rose again, He rose again,   (hand motions: lift hands from low to high)
He rose again, Jesus is alive.  

Jesus is my King, Jesus is my King,   (hand motions: hands shaping a crown on head)
Jesus is my King, I'm so glad He's mine.  (hand motions for mine: point to self) 

I made a coloring sheet (printed on cardstock) incorporating both of these truths from online clip art and after we learned the song, we painted them with watercolors.

We'll also be making something similar to this Easter Egg Garland and reviewing the song too as we get ready for another wonderful Easter weekend.

Here are a few other Easter activities: one for Good Friday and one for more ideas on how to use those easter eggs.
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Happy Easter!

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