"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without." ~Confucius

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Simple Activities to Encourage Musicality

Sometimes it's good to review rather than do new things all the time. We've been visiting some older exercises and songs to strengthen our musicality throughout the week.

Here are three ways to get it going at your house/school/playgroup/daycare too:

1. Read Rhythmically and Rhyme often! 

The natural rhythm and rhyme in our language can ignite the musical sense inside every child, so to get those going, try the following:
Read to your child. Get books that flow in rhythm and rhyme and read them that way.
For Rhythm Reading Ideas- Go Here!

Practice songs with rhyming words, like "Down By the Bay" that are silly and creative.
Rhyming and Song practice: Go Here!

2. Play and Sing -  Sing songs that involve movement, story and are easy to sing. 

Try out songs that are easy to sing and encourage activity!
Playing and Singing exercises: Go Here! and here!

3. Do simple musical skills with age-appropriate activities 

To get their ability strengthened to receive musical influences and handle them well, do simple activities to develop voice production and rhythm.
Check these out: Get their rhythm going and their voice moving!

These are some simple reminders of activities to spread once or twice throughout the week which will reap many benefits as your child soaks them in.

Have fun!

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