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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seek and Find Game - "Doggie, Doggie"

When I was about to take my first teaching job, my former teacher and dear friend, Janet was counseling me in how to set up a music classroom and was giving me ideas to use with the kids. This song is one she taught me over the phone and it has stayed in our repertoire since then.

It's a simple song about a dog and a bone. Here are the words:
Doggie, Doggie, where's your bone? 
Somebody took it from your home. 

Simple? Yes. That's why it's great. Kids can memorize this little number in a jiffy.
The melody is similar to "Rain, Rain Go Away."
Here are the boys and I singing it for your listening pleasure:
 In teaching kiddos to sing with you, the two notes used primarily in this song are easy for little voices to imitate (the minor 3rd for all you music nerds out there).  So, use them often!

Also, kids voices naturally sing higher than adult voices, so when you teach or sing these songs, sing a little higher than you might be used to and it will be easier for them to pick up the melody than if the pitch is low. Not too high, of course.... I'm sure you get the idea.

This activity/song works best in a group, but if you have at least two kids, you're probably good to go, or if you're having a playdate or need a group game to do in a teaching situation. etc.

Dog Bone. (I bought this one for a few dollars, but use one you have around or cut a dog-bone shape out of cardboard.)
Optional: Doggie. (As stated before, my boys do better with these things if there is an animal prop involved).

Teach kids the song (if you have a bunch of kiddos, sit 'em in a circle).

One child is the doggie and covers his/her eyes while another child hides the bone in the room.

"Doggie" opens eyes and tries to find the bone while everyone sings, "Doggie, Doggie..."

When "Doggie" find the bone there is much rejoicing (yay!!) and then that child becomes the hider.

Keep going as long as their interest holds. Don't drag it out... they won't want to play it again. :-/
Some children may need help closing their eyes....

If doing this in a classroom with children sitting in a circle, you can also have hider put the bone behind another student. While hiding, everyone sings the song. Doggie opens eyes and has 3 guesses as to who is hiding the bone.  

Then follow up with a book or two about dogs. My pick today? P.D. Eastman's "Go, Dog Go." All my boys love this one. Enjoy!

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