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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Syllable Clapping with Flowers

Spring is just wonderful... Just when I think I'm going to cave in and go cuckoo from winter, spring has come to the rescue. :-)

So, celebrate the season by rhythm practice!

Today, we used flowers. This one is great because we'll:

  • Learn or review flower names.
  • Incorporate rhythm by chanting the syllables of each flower name.
  • Create our own colorful "gardens"

You'll need either pictures of flowers, or you can use silk flowers, if you have enough varieties laying around (we don't...).  I printed off some various flowers with different syllable-length-names by doing an internet search for coloring pages of each flower.
If you want to print them out in color, look for free clipart images of each flower.

Here are the ones we used....

One syllable: Rose, Fern (<-- I know it's not a flower, but I needed another one-syllable one that the kiddos were sort of familiar with...)
Two Syllables: Tulip, Lily, Daisy
Three Syllables: Daffodil, Buttercup, Sunflower
(If you want a four-syllable one, you could use Dandelion, or some other one... but we just used the ones above.)

You can paste each into a Word Doc, adjust the size, and type the flower name.
Print off, cut out and you're good to go.

Other materials: construction paper (background... we used blue for the sky), some extra stems or leaves, brown paper for soil on the ground, crayons/markers/paint and glue.

Gather kiddos and have them color flowers (if needed). I helped them choose a correct or at least appropriate color for each one as we rehearsed their names...

Next, get your "garden bed" ready:

Little J really wanted a leaf in the middle of his page.... :-)

Next, choose two or three flowers to arrange on the page (don't glue yet).
As child chooses each flower, clap and chant that flower's name and have them imitate it back.

Once all three have been chosen, clap them rhythmically in a sing-songy way.
Chant it loud and proud along with them.
 Sometimes it helps to point along once in a while....
And, not every activity appeals to all children...
He did jump in once in a while, if no one was paying attention. Otherwise, he got shy. Poor little J... :-)

After you've created a few different "gardens," finish off by having them glue on their favorite ones, then either chant that one as the grand finale, or if you've exhausted their focus, say what a wonderful job they did and release them to go play. :-)

Have fun!


  1. As a Reading Specialist,I LOVE the clapping ideas for syllables! Have you ever had them put their hand under their chin to count how many times it goes down when saying a word? My readers love that one too! :) So glad I found you! I'd love for you to join my Saturday Show & Tell; I know my readers will love your ideas too! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! And I've never had them put their hand on their chin - but I will try that next time we do this type of activity.
    I went over to yoru blog and stuck this post on your link-up... and read several of your posts too - great blog! Thanks for connecting me to it. :-)