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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Syllable Clapping with Cars

So, a while ago, my dear friend Nancy told me that clapping syllables of various words is something she observed in speech therapy practice... and since J has been receiving speech therapy, I've noticed his speech therapist doing it too.  So, I'm more inspired than ever to do this more and more.
Motivation 1: To think rhythmically and teach my kids the natural rhythm in words.
Motivation 2: To get J to speak better! Although, I do love the little rascal the way he is...

So, today we did a similar activity to this one but used vehicles instead.

Here's what to do:

Print off pics of automobiles from an image search for various coloring pages. Copy and paste them into a word document and format to whatever size you'd like. I printed them onto cardstock because I wanted them to be sturdier than just computer paper.

We used these vehicles: 
1 Syllable: Truck, Jeep 
2 Syllables: School Bus, Race Car
3 Syllables: Ice Cream Truck 
4 Syllables: Motorcycle

You'll need the pics, some black construction paper, yellow strips and glue.

Gather kiddos and have them paint their group of cars (if kids aren't into painting, just use plain ones or print some colored pics out, or cut pics from magazines and mount to construction paper, or use toy cars... whatever!).

 Yes, I know my children need haircuts.

When they've completed the painting, move on to creating the road while the pictures dry because your 2 year old used more water than color in his watercolor-ing.

Next, start with two or three vehicles getting on their road and clap syllables with a steady beat. Again, you'll do most of the demonstration and they'll try to mimic as best they can.

Make sure YOU get a turn to choose some too.... so you can show them how awesome your rhythmic-syllable skills are? Well, yes.... remember that they will imitate you so take opportunities to demonstrate well - don't expect them to do it perfectly by themselves from the get-go.

For the grand finale, we glued all the autos on the road and then clapped the other person's road (K clapped J's and vice versa). Great fun and improvement noticed by mom. Yay!

Have fun!!

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