"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without." ~Confucius

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

'Pop' Lullabies

So, we just got back from a week-long trip to my husband's homeland - New Brunswick, Canada. Lots of great time with family... and lots of hours in the car.

Listening to random pop songs on the radio and singing along is still fun.... and I really do like good contemporary stuff. Not the cheap things that seem to be in unwanted excess... but unique, soul-touching music that gets into your bones and resonates with your heart. Even pop songs (gasp!).

That made me think of some lullabies I love from the pop-genre. So, I wanted to share three of those...

I loved these songs before I had kids and sang them while imagining myself singing them to my babies. But now, when I try to sing them to my baby(ies), I can not get through them without tearing up and getting super emotional. I never was one to cry easily, but I think  these songs get me right in my heart because of the emotions they invoke as I look at my children and the innate desire that I had for them before I was even married. What can I say... motherhood has made a sap of me.

So, take a listen and let me know if you sing any of these to your kiddos too or if you have similar ones.
(BTW... I'm not condoning everything these artists have put out, but these are worth sharing).

In the meantime, I'll go lay my 9-month-old down for a nap and try to get through one of these without losing it. :-)

Billy Joel: "Goodnight, My Angel" Go Here
(pardon the extra ad at the beginning)

From Dumbo, sung by Bette Midler: "Baby Mine" Go Here
(I also think Allison Kraus did a rendition of this song, which I haven't heard yet, but I'm sure is equally lovely.)

Dixie Chicks: "Godspeed" Go Here
This is not the most wonderful video I could find, but the video creator put the lyrics on, which was nice. This song is geared to a boy, but you could maybe adapt a word or two in the privacy of your baby's room if you have a sweet little girl. :-)

Keep on loving and singing to those precious babies. :-)

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  1. I love Godspeed. And my boys actually HAVE Superman pajamas. :)