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Monday, February 27, 2012

Horsey Bounces

I always wanted a horse when I was growing up... alas, Barbie horses were the closest I got...
But, horses are fun to sing about and there are oodles of bounces about riding! They work so well, of course because of the "bouncing" nature of riding a horse... You can have your child "ride" on your lap gently or robustly (is that a word?) depending on the nature of the rhyme.

Here are three excellent choices for your baby's bouncing fun:
(Again these are all for promoting your baby's innate rhythm and rhyming senses, so bounce baby or toddler appropriately to the rhythm of the text) 

Derry, Down Derry 
Derry, down derry and up in the air (bounce baby higher on the word "up") 
Baby* will ride with pony or mare,
Held in my arms
like a queen on a throne,
loveliest rider that ever was known**.

*Insert your child's name
**You can change the wording of course... insert "king" for a boy, and "handsomest" or something similar.

Three Little Horses
Three little horses riding in a row.
The first is no good for he's too slow, (slow down bounce, speak words slowly)
The second is quick, but not as fast  (faster bounce)
As the third who's first  (a little faster)
to make you* laugh.  (tickle baby)

*Again, you can insert baby's name or just leave it as "you".

So Fast My Horse Can Go
So fast, so fast my horse can go,    (fast bounce)
A-riggety, jiggety, jig you know.
We gallp over the countryside,
A-riggety jig, we ride!
(slight pause)
And when we want to take a rest  (slower bounce)
we find that trotting is the best
We head right for a grassy spot,
A trip, a trip a trot,
A trip, a trip, a trot,
A trip   (slower)

Whoa!!     ("drop" baby, or slide baby down knees, or lift baby higher.. however you think your munchkin would like to end the bounce.) 

This one is a song too, so here's me doing it with little J (who's not really so little, but he used to like this one especially when he was younger and still enjoys getting bounced around.). You can listen and get an idea of the melody for yourself.

Happy Horsey Bounces to you!

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