"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without." ~Confucius

Friday, January 13, 2012

Why do kids of musicians grow up and want nothing to do with music?

I've seen it too many times... Two parents. Drawn dynamically together by love for each other and sharing a love for music. They had great plans of raising their kids to know and experience the same love THEY have for beautiful things in music. But, over the years, the love dwindled, the follow-through became difficult, and the kids never saw anything really worth pursuing in music because mom and dad didn't really either.

Do I want this for my family? No! Can I see it happening? ....Yes.

It's not necessarily bad, right? The kids will go their own way, find their own likes and dislikes. Music must not have been their thing.

I don't know if that will fly with me though... Although, I think I will need to incorporate different methods than I had previously imagined....

My oldest is only 4. Already, I don't know if I can communicate to him why great, deep things in music are so important, so worthy of listening and studying and getting lost in. I want to play Bach, Beethoven, Brahms all day and have him say to me, "Yes, Mother - I see its worth - it's beautiful! I want to listen to this all day!!"

OK, maybe not exactly that.. but I have been thinking and wondering how to develop in my children a love for music that is modeled by who they see the most. Us.

I realize that all this must be age appropriate. I realize that "fine" things in life take time to be appreciated. But, I am up for the challenge of making my silly, athletic little boys giddy with glee about wonderful things in music - because I truly believe and feel that there are SO MANY wonderful things to be experienced when music wraps itself around us and speaks to us in ways only it alone can. It is a mysterious and wonderful thing.... a great gift. Can I share this joy with my family?

We shall see....

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