"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without." ~Confucius

Monday, January 30, 2012

Traditions Passed On

I married into a great family. I love my own family too, of course, but I'm thankful for my husband's (and now my) family too.
Little K's middle name is after his Grandpa. This Grandpa is a rugged man who enjoys singing his heart out. When we go up north to visit, Grandpa always brings his guitar out and starts singing some old hymns or songs from the country. In church, Grandpa is one of the strongest singers and won't hesitate to share his love for singing of his Lord when asked to do so for a special song.
He loves to sing with his kids, too. They grew up seeing and hearing about what he holds dear. That may be why all three of his kids love music and it's a big part of their lives too.

What I am thankful for is this gift being observed by his grandkids. There is already a sacred fascination grandkids have with their grandparents... and one of many things I love about my father in law (and my own dad too) is that he sings his heart out.
I can remember standing next to my dad in church when I was little and I think I asked him to sing quieter because I was getting embarrassed that he was so loud (sorry Dad....). But I remember him singing. And singing with emotion. It still left an impression.

Lots of people sing. And for many reasons... some more lasting than others. But what speaks to me - and what I imagine will speak to my kids - is what is so beautiful about music... that is transcends time and is a vehicle for expressing your deepest emotions - gratitude, awe, love, sorrow... It is not for the nerdy kids or the emotional ones. It's for my rugged, won't-sit-and-rest-for-5-minutes, hunting, log-splitting father-in-law; and I pray my boys find that type of freedom to express their deepest feelings in robust and tender song.

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  1. Hi Marji. I loved reading this. So well put. I hVe had extreme moments of joy and sorrow where I would not have made it through properly apart from music. You said it all.