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Monday, February 25, 2013

Make-It-A-Song Monday - Clean Up!

I was laughing that I had been thinking of doing this post today, when this morning I was NOT in the mood at ALL for singing about 'cleaning up' since J had decided he was going to look for a lost puzzle piece by emptying all the other puzzle boxes onto the ground... Mommy was not amused. Or feeling any urge to sing.

However, not all clean-up times are quite so distressing. And, something rather monotonous like cleaning up (although most of the time, my boys turn clean-up time into a basketball shoot out, no need to have a ball, any toy will do) is often improved by adding some melody to make it fun.

You all probably already know the pre-school-classroom classic for cleaning up (all together now!), "Clean up, clean up, everybody do your part! Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up!"

This is certainly a viable option and kids pick this simple melody up easily, but if you're getting tired of the same -ole tune, get your creative juices going and make a new one!

Last week, we were singing this one to the tune of "The Farmer In the Dell"
The toys want to go home,
No longer shall they roam;
Come on let's take them home again,
The toys want to go home.

Today however, they weren't feeling in the mood for too many lyrics, so we used "Staying Alive"

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Clean up your toys, clean up your toys,
Ha, ha, ha, ha, clean up your toys, clean up your toys,
Ha, ha, ha, ha clean up your tooooooooyyyyyyys....

And, you can feel free to break into some killer disco moves as you go.
(If the cleaning up is not going so well, you can certainly add the lyrics, "I'm goin' nowhere, somebody help me....)

So, these are some silly and simple examples to get more melody going throughout your day.

Again, if your child doesn't naturally jump right in, don't worry. They are listening and learning. The more singing they hear, the more their brain develops its own ability to hear and make melody themselves.  Use simple melodies with repeated words to aid in quick learning! If the only words you use are "clean up" - that will be fine with them, I'm sure!

Get singing with those little ones!
What did you make into a song today?

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