"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without." ~Confucius

Monday, September 24, 2012

Make-It-Song-Monday: Bath Time!

This post is dedicated to Lisa Judson - a dear lady we crossed paths with for a few years.
When I was pregnant with baby K, one of the things this kind friend shared with me was that they do something silly at bath time called "cold, cold baby" and her kids love it. The details are foggy, but this brief little conversation inspired the now infamous song we sing as we get the boys out of the bath.

These are the words we use. Pretty difficult. Are you ready?

Cold cold baby,
a cold, cold baby
Cold, cold, baby, baby,
cold, cold baby!

(Deep, huh?)

Bath time is a great time for a simple little song like this. After your precious little bundle gets out of the bath, they usually enjoy being snuggled in a warm towel (although mine sometimes prefer running around the house a few times before coming back for the towel and "cold, cold baby").

We just made up our own little bouncing melody for the above words. When we get each boy wrapped up, we start bouncing him around and singing "cold, cold baby..." The older they are, the more exciting the bouncing, etc. They love it and ask for it every time bath is done.

A few simple melodies that might work well for forming your own song are: "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "All Through the Night" or "Here We Go 'Round the Mullberry Bush" or "Skip To My Lou."

To "Skip To My Lou" - "Bath time's done so what do we do? (x3)
snuggle in a big warm towel."

to: "Here We Go 'Round..."
"Wash your face and ears and hair, scrub up here, scrub down there,
wash your chin and fingers and toes, then we'll be all clean!"

You can make up your own words, or just improvise something simple that comes to your head.... or use "cold, cold baby!"

This would also be a great opportunity to use Sandra Boynton's "Snuggle Puppy" song for! I think "Skinamarinky-dink-y-dink" would also work well too! I know you've been dying for somewhere to use THAT song. :-)

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about more ways to incorporate music into your day. Kids will have fond remembrances of these little tunes as they learn them and associate them with sweet times in their home life.

What did you make into a song today?

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